Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at Canterbury School are our greatest assets. They are caring, knowledgeable, and professional educators dedicated to providing the highest quality program. They have a gift and enthusiasm for teaching, an understanding of how children learn, a respect for their students as individual learners, and an ability to model the love of learning.

The staff is exceptionally diversified in qualifications, culture, and background. Most of our teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, while some are in the process of gaining advanced degrees. Additionally, they take part in professional development opportunities, including workshops, research, and conferences. The variety of skills, talents, and experiences of each staff member adds to the quality of our school.


Children at Canterbury School develop respect for others and an appreciation for diversity. This is accomplished through our diverse student population, multicultural education, and respect for children as unique individuals.

Children begin to develop a sense of identity and feelings about others at a young age. Therefore, we believe that it is important to enhance and preserve the presence of students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, many of our students, families, and teachers, bring an International flare to our school community.

Canterbury encourages the enrollment of multicultural families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or family structure.

A Small School with Small Class Sizes

Canterbury School is a relatively small school community compared to other Atlanta private schools and child care centers. We have around 90 students, and class sizes range from four to fifteen students, depending upon age or grade level.

Some of the advantages of small school and class size include:

  • More individual attention from teachers
  • More personalized learning environment
  • Closer relationships among peers and teachers
  • Fewer discipline problems
  • Greater sense of belonging

Family Involvement

Crucial to Canterbury School’s success is the involvement of each family. The best educational environment is created through continuous interaction among the family, staff, and child. Our faculty and staff frequently communicate with families through daily conversations, daily or weekly reports, emails, phone calls, newsletters, monthly calendars, and parent conferences.

The school also provides several opportunities for family involvement including volunteer opportunities, an annual Open House, workshops, parent meetings, and special events.