After-school Program

Our after school program provides kindergarteners through third graders an enjoyable, supportive environment for after-school hours and non-school days. We currently pick up from Morningside Elementary, Springdale Park Elementary, and Mary Lin Elementary.


After school students have additional learning experiences, as well as homework help. Children receive snack, outside playground time, homework help, fun hands-on activities, and time for constructive play.


Preschoolers have the opportunity to make choices, watch and imitate others, and perfect skills through repetition. In the preschool classroom, children may choose from a variety of materials and activities, such as creating their own art project, making up word games or imaginative stories, constructing with blocks, listening to music and dancing, exploring books, or pretend playing with friends.

Class Size

Class size and the age range of students are kept relatively small compared to other after school programs. This helps friendships to flourish, increases safety, and lets us provide individualized attention. Class size is usually 10-15 students.