Toddler Program

Toddlers are very inquisitive and active. They need the freedom to explore, but they also need to know that someone who cares about them is within reach. The toddler teachers are dedicated to providing the children with the love and nurture that is still greatly needed, as well as a challenging curriculum.


The toddler curriculum focuses on providing rich sensory experiences each day that allow the children to make new discoveries and expand their knowledge of the surrounding world. The teachers are engaged with the children, adding language and ideas to the children’s explorative play. Toddler classrooms are divided into interest centers, each with a variety of play and learning materials.


Each and every day the toddlers take part in stories, music, and other language development activities. They also enjoy enrichment classes, such as Music & Movement, Art, and Cooking.

Young Toddlers

The transition toddler program provides toddlers from about 12 months – 18 months a safe and supportive environment to practice their newly acquired abilities. With a small class size of only six children and a gradual approach to changes in their needs and routine, infants transition into toddlerhood with the greatest of ease.

Older Toddlers

The older toddlers program provides a creative environment for active and curious toddlers of about 18-24 months. With a small class size and a wide variety of materials and activities, toddlers feel that their classroom is a special place for them.